A Little Picnic

IMG_9135Gina and Manu recently learnt about the plight of the Aborigines ( the indigenous people in Australia) during their tour through Australia. They made use of the first opportunity that came their way in the Fitzroy Crossing to spend some time with some kids and surprise them with a fun little picnic.

Initially the kids were abit apprehensive, as they are often approached this way by “white” tourists. It wasn’t long before the kids warmed to them and joined them for a picnic. The kids were very curious and inquisitive and told many stories as they sat together on the lawn.

The highlight of the day was a treasure hunt initiated by the kids. Gina and Manu placed some Candy in the middle for the kids to share. One the kids suggested in excitement:

Oh, can we please play a game? You go and hide these sweets somewhere while we close our eyes and then we search for them! Afterwards we can switch.

one of the kids

The next hour was a mix of running, laughing and jumping. What a fun filled afternoon in Australia’s with so many smiling faces.