Cooking for Smiles, Germany

Bringing Smiles | Cooking for Smiles, Germany

When Gina asked us if we would support some projects for “Bringing Smiles”, it was clear: “We’ll be right there”.

Our initial experience we could have in the project “Garden” and threw ourselves full of anticipation in our second project “Cooking for Smiles”. Gina had told us beforehand that the people in the organization “Shelter”, a day center for homeless of the Diakonie Düsseldorf, can get daily breakfast and hot meals. The food is subsidized and can be purchased for a small fee. But on this day, there should be eating for free! They will have table service and it should be generated an atmosphere, so they had not been long.

Our expectations were not disappointed, the really great idea to cook for people, which otherwise could never afford a good meal, came good. We have on one day for about 180 people eating prepared, decorated the room and covered the tables with napkins and flowers.

Our day began at 9:00 clock with a meeting of all stakeholders and information for the day. Around 11:00 clock we could finally begin preparations. There was a lot to do, because today there should be a 3-course meal and had already spread in Düsseldorf. Each team had its task, which were exchanged in the course of the day. By preparing in the kitchen, working as an assistant cook, over serve coffee on arrival and beverage service as well for serving the guests.

In between there was enough time for a little fun and interesting stories and moving stories. In the late afternoon the day ended for us and we left grateful and with the certainty of having achieved something great. Even on the ride home we told each other of our experience and new impressions.

We are glad that we could be part of this great team, for what could be better than with simple things transmit a smile to give :).

Eileen & Stefan