Wir suchen nach Expert*innensupport

Wir sind derzeit  auf der Suche nach Expert*innen in den Bereichen Recht, Marketing, Social Media und AdWords. Da das Bringing Smiles e.V. Team aus multinationalen Mitgliedern und freiwilligen Helfern besteht, ist Englisch unsere interne Kommunikationssprache.

Deshalb bitten wir um Verständnis, dass die u.s. Gesuche nach Expertensupport in Englischer Sprache verfasst sind. Bei Fragen hierzu melden Sie sich gern ebenfalls unter unten angegebener E-Mail Adresse.

Bringing Smiles e.V. is a non-profit organisation that aims to inspire, motivate and enrich the lives of people in need, especially children. Since 2012 and with over 30 projects in different countries, we have brought together friends, families and businesses to actively participate in community projects that help less fortunate people and build community spirit.

Why work with us? Bringing Smiles offers an excellent opportunity to become a member of an international team of volunteers that mobilizes local communities to help people in need and transform lives. You get to work with a tremendous group of like-minded professionals and can apply your professional experience and skills towards a charitable cause. We recognize your contribution on our website and also provide references if required. In addition, we can issue a tax reducing donation receipt for your services rendered for freelancers or companies based in Germany. Be part of a global initiative that is making a difference.

We are currently looking for people who want to donate a share of their time for a good cause in their fields of expertise:

Legal Counsel

Marketing Specialist & Visual Designer

Social Media Specialist

Google AdWords Specialist

If you are interested in any of these roles, please click on the role title for more Information and get in touch with us.

Your Bringing Smiles e.V. Team