Experimental Design Workshop for Kids

On September 30 we were able to invite ten socially disadvantaged children between 11-14 years through the organization Arrive & Join to a very special event. The Artist Melanie Weindl who already exhibited her work in New York heard about Bringing Smiles, loved what we are doing and was excited about a joint workshop for kids. Our aim: giving joy and inspiration 🙂

The afternoon was kicked off with cake and hot chocolate before leaving for the event location all together. Here, every child got assigned a Bringing Smiles partner, excitingly listened to the introductions of Melanie and got started without hesitation; they were painting, cutting, creatively consulting each other, gluing and laughing. Through the given opportunity to just try out themselves we saw more and more really amazing artworks arising!

Multifaceted were not only the canvasses but also the 22 people in the room who originally came from Ghana, Spain, Iraq, Montserrat, Syria, Dominican Republic, Russia, Zambia, Afghanistan, India, South Africa, France, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Germany.

After an entertaining chair game the material collages were nicely framed by Melanie and handed over to the junior artists accompanied by a hurricane of applause.

I am looking forward so much to give this picture to my mum as a present now!

we heard one of the children saying with a beaming face…

Many thanks for this great afternoon! Especially to the Artist Melanie Weindl, our Bringing Smiles volunteers Claudine Gallant, Jennifer Zieling, JP Ili, Sonja Schreckenberg and Sven Reichart as well as Karin Lauktien representing Arrive & Join, with whom we are going to work together regularly going forward.

30. September 2017,
Düsseldorf, Germany