Fighting back against COVID 19 – Bringing Smiles Joins Forces with Helping Hand

To the Bringing Smiles community!

A little background to the project you have kindly helped make possible. We have been bringing food, clothes, blankets, shoes, and household items to this mixed-race community of about 150 people for over nine years. Recently they were evicted off the farm by the landowner, and had to move several kilometers from the original farm onto another farm; starting again with practically nothing.

Older, younger, pregnant, and disabled, they all are battling for basic human needs such as running water, electricity, and shelter. There is a borehole about a kilometer away, but even that bucket-toted water is brackish and impure. Many of these dear ones are sleeping in tiny one-man or children’s tents, and on top of it all, there is no guarantee that they’ll be able to remain long term on their new farm, as the owners are asking the city to relocate them asap.

As you can imagine, these many families have been hit especially hard by our lockdown and the threat of CoViD -19! Even normally, over half of the community is unemployed, and although they try to help each other out, there is rarely enough. Now, with travel and work forbidden for all, they are suffering immensely. We are so sad to see their plight, and thankful to help out even a little.

We prepared some items for parcels, and thanks to YOU at Bringing Smiles were able to add fresh fruits and vegetables – Apples, pears, carrots, potatoes, onions, bananas, gemsquash, and oranges, plus tomato paste and stock cubes for cooking!

Upon arrival, we started by washing and sanitizing everyone’s hands, and each adult received a reusable cloth facemask! (handmade by the ladies from our mission-) Then we gave out the parcels, all of which were received with grateful smiles. It brought tears to our eyes as we reflected on the fact that we would go home after the project to good food, clean water, and warmth while these people are cheerfully doing their best to simply survive. For all of you who helped make this possible – on behalf of all these dear ones, THANK YOU!

From All at Helping Hand

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