Grandma’s Cake Secrets

27On a sunny Saturday in April we held our very first Bringing Smiles event in Hamburg, Germany. We organized a baking event with an elderly home called Schilling Stift, with ten of their residents sharing their favorite family recipes for cakes.

We set about recreating these recipes in a few small groups where we paired up the grandma’s with one of our volunteers. It worked really well as the often wuite lonely ladies were happy to be able to share and pass on these amazing recipes to the younger generation.

It was a fun filled afternoon, with a very loving, homely atmosphere. At the end we all marveled at the creative cake creations and of course overindulged in the delicious cakes too. One of the grandma’s got us laughing when she whispered:


“Psst, I really don’t want to be rude – but may I have another piece of MY cake?”

🙂 We will definitely be back – and would like to thank the lovely Ladies: Koch, Pilniok, Rieper, Behrend, Manigel, Thelemann, Asmussen, Altrichter and Müller as well as Mr. Dreyer for sharing their recipes and keeping us entertained with an endless stream of stories.

A big thank you to our team of volunteers, namely Rosi Schmidt, Julia Thomanek, Ronja Bröder, Jillian Schmidt, Roland Benz, Dennis Binder and his daughter Jessica for their help in making this such a successful event. A special shout out to Mendy Claussen for helping organize the event.

9. April 2016

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