Cooking with Teens

cookste1We recently cooked up a storm with a group of teenagers from the child care center Evangelisches Kinderheim e.V. in Hilden. We were hosted by one of the leading cooking schools in Dusseldorf called “Da cookste”. Most of the kids had no cooking experience at all and wanted some expert advice on how to “jazz” up their evening meals.

The chef wanted to give them all hands on experience and put together a three-course meal where all ingredients were natural and have food was self made. The three-course meal consisted of a gourmet salad with bacon and mushroom toppings as a starter. The main meal was a home made pasta with a delicious tomato chicken topping. The dessert was apple pancakes with a vanilla sauce served with some rich chocolate ice cream.

The chef grouped the kids in 3 teams. The first task was to make the dough for the pasta. This involved having to master how to img_6494separate the egg yolk from the egg white. We then mixed the egg white with semolina flour and began to knead the dough until it is smooth, very firm, and dry for about 8 to 12 minutes. We rolled the dough into tennis sized balls and then left it to sit for at room temperature. Each team was then given a recipe to prepare the starter, main course or dessert. The chef went around each group giving tips on how best to prepare the meal. For the next hour the meal magically came together and the kitchen was filled with the mouth watering aroma of pasta and pancakes.

The time just flew past and it wasn’t long before we could enjoy the fruits of our labour. The kids were amazed at how easy it is to pull together a gourmet meal. We were happy to motivate the kids to eat more healthy and to show them with a little effort they can make themselves delicious meals. The event turned out to be more than just about the cooking. The kids really opened up to each other and to the adults. Eating together also created a feeling of family. Through the shared experience, the kids undoubtedly bonded more with each other. The day was special for everyone involved, filled with laughter, team work, good food and heaps of fun.

img_6497We would like to thank the Cooking school “Da cookste” for hosting the event for a reduced price and also the warm hearted Chef Ali and Chez-Mo. We would like to thank the caretakers, Caro und Ute, for helping us organize the event and going out of their way to make this a special event for the teenagers.

Düsseldorf, 25. September 2016

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