Kick-off in India

IMG_5486This project took place during a trip to India with several of our members and friends. We took the opportunity to get off the tourist path and embarked on a small group based expedition to create special moments for disadvantaged kids in rural India and at the same time challenged ourselves to push our own boundaries. Our goal was simple, spend time with children, enable them to play sports and give them something to own – a toy.

The smiles, fun and fits of laughter that ensued from impromptu dancing to Justin Bieber in front of hundreds of kids during a school celebration, playing cricket in the fields, and conversing in our Rosetta Stone inspired Hindi created beautiful memories for everyone involved. The image of thousands of happy and proud face is truly unforgettable. It’s truly amazing what an impact you can make by giving a bit of your time, with a touch of care and enthusiasm. As the 74 year old school principle put it

[blockquote]What mattered most is that you came here. You have no idea what an impact this has had on the kids. It has broadened their view of the world around them.

Janata Skikshan Sanstha (School Principle)


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December 2011,
Mumbai & Surroundings

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