13Two of our members (Gina and Manu) recently travelled to Bali, Indonesia on a summer vacation and were eager to get off the beaten path and visit some rural areas. While travelling around the island they came across a secluded village in the woods where the eyes were drawn to an isolated and extremely basic hut located under a bridge.

Eager to meet and learn more about the people and culture, they climbed down beside the bridge and cautiously approached the hut. Much to their surprise,  a little girl burst out of the hut to welcome them and danced around them. They greeted her in Indonesian, reached shared with her some of the sweets they got for their journey and singing she disappeared back into the hut and shouted “Terima kasih” (thank you).

Overwhelmed by this encounter, they decided to go back to the area and visit a few little villages and this time came a bit more prepared. They bought a car load of groceries and toys from local markets prepared as gift packages that they gave out to the families. The air was electric, filled with joy and laughter. The children ran around showing off their new toys holding it like crowns on their heads. The parents were extremely thankful to receive the food parcels.

On one occasion later that day, they gave a few balls to some boys playing with sticks on the side of the road. This spontaneously led to a soccer game that was played on a crossroad (as there was no other space available). It got even more creative when the girls of this community got their hands of some chalk and showed off their creative spirits by painting the curb.

Although these small gifts will not change their situation, special moments such as these bring joy and happiness and  have the power to inspire and bring hope.

June 2013,
Bali & Surroundings

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