Child’s laugh in Mumbai

anhang1End of last year my wife Mona and I had the opportunity to travel to India, which turned out to be one of the greatest experience both of us have ever made.

Ahead of the trip, my friend Manuel told me about the organization “Anstrengung United” which supports children in need and is also being supported by Bringing Smiles e.V. So we have decided to visit them one evening long, get to know them, spend time with them and of course bring these kids a bit of joy.

The kids we met have the most beautiful smiles, we will never ever forget them…and we miss them a lot already. Luckily we are still in contact and I cannot wait to travel back to see them again one day.

Thank you so much for this experience that the Bringing Smiles team made possible through putting us in touch with Nanu. And a big THANKS to the hard working people who stand behind Anstrengung United. You are doing an amazing job!!!

Roman Neustädter
Istanbul, March 2016