Love the Children, Ukraine

We have received a number of requests from friends of the organization to assist them with our knowledge, network and resources to run projects in their home countries or when traveling abroad.

We are happy to share with you a project we supported through our “Ambassador program”, where Charles from Rarotonga, Cook Islands, took children most in need of love and attention from the most needy orphanages in Kiev on an outing for the day in September 2015. We loved this Idea and want to thank Charles Little and Viktoria Bakuta for pulling off a fun event bringing smiles to Ukraine for us. Read their story below:


The purpose of this mission was to take the children most in need of love and attention from the most needy orphanage in Kiev on an outing for the day. The aim was to take around 50 children out for the day at a fun park and to eat out at a restaurant, bringing some joy to their lives of these orphans who are often forgotten and let them know there are those who do care about and love them.

On 17 September 2015 a double decker bus was hired and about 50 children were picked up from two orphanages in the morning. There were also approximately five adult workers from the orphanages that assisted with supervising the children who also came on the outing for the day. The children ranged in age from 4 years old to 18 years and were excited and looking forward to their day out.

The activities arranged were games for the children to play, driving of electric dogem cars, a visit to a private zoo and a labyrinth finished off dinner at a restaurant. The children enjoyed the day very much with a great time had by all.

The children were orphaned for a variety of reasons and included not only Ukrainian orphans but also orphans from other countries. Some of the children’s parents had died in car accidents, the civil war in Ukraine, of drug overdoses, or for other reasons or had been abandoned because their parents could not take care of them due to extreme poverty or for other reasons.

Further funds were expended on art equipment for all the children of orphanages visited comprising of paper, paints, colouring in books, crayons, paint brushes and other assorted art equipment.

The orphaned children and the orphanage workers were very grateful for the day out and for the art equipment. I have been requested to pass on the gratitude and thanks of the orphans.

Thank you for your support, Bringing Smiles e.V.
Charles Little

17. September 2015,

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