Sporty afternoon with teens

Shortly before Christmas 2017, a group 0f nine Bringing Smiles volunteers and members got ready for a sporty afternoon with ten refugee teenagers in Düsseldorf.

This diverse group of motivated and sports interested people split into two; one you heard laughing playing beach volleyball and one running around with a smile on a badminton court. The reason: as a special fun warm up during the first rounds we added some crazy commands on which everyone suddenly hat to jump, sit down or change sides of the court. 🙂

The 1,5 hours of action were followed by a cosy pre-christmas get together with cold drinks, food & cookies. Besides using this time to share our stories we again got everyone into action by playing games like Chinese Whispers – which brought lots of laughter is such a large group. 🙂

With this first event having been a lot of fun for everyone, we will repeat these sporty afternoons regularly every 2 months with changing forms of sports – and people! Come and join us! 

Thanks to our amazing volunteers Tanmay, Safia, Shweta, Julia, Sven, JP, to Karin from Arrive & Join e.V. for bringing along the teens as well as s to the sports venue Alma Oberkassel for the sponsored catering on that day!

9. December 2017,
Düsseldorf, Germany

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