Vietnam, Mekong Delta

IMG_1899The beautiful thing about Project Vietnam is that it was never planned – it just happened naturally as two of our members travelled through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Prepared with some basic Vietnamese and the pockets full of sweets, they wanted to spend some time with the people living in the rural areas along the river.

They were overwhelmed with the response – pure happiness and openness – they received when interacting and having fun especially with disadvantaged children. When passing by huts in the forested area, they were invited for tea, they played games like “animals sounds guessing” or simply sang with the children. By Offering little more than their time, they brought smiles to many children faces, generated excitement within the community and provided a small moment to escape from life’s hardships and challenges.

The idea of founding Bringing Smiles e.V. was born…

June 2011,
Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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