Family Day at the Zoo

20120826_150649We recently organised a fun day at the Zoo for asylum seeking families from a number of different countries. Most of the families had never been to a zoo and were enthralled by the vast array of fascinating animals awaiting them at every turn – from roaring lions, to bears and giraffes. The children especially enjoyed this event and had sparkles in their eyes as they encountered their favorite animals. It was equally a memorable day for the parents as they were able to spend quality time with their children.

Some of the families had recently arrived and we were touched by their stories from back home. They were all very thankful for the opportunity to start a new life in Germany and grateful for the friendliness shown to them. We hope that in a small way this event contributed to that and that they were able to take some beautiful memories home.

We are especially grateful to Diakonie Dusseldorf for helping us organise this event and for providing some representatives in order for the families to have a familiar point of contact. The Diakonie provides accommodation and assists with asylum applications. We look forward to bringing more smiles to little faces in the near future.

September 2012,

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